Foundation. Favorite teachers. Small groups. This all comes to mind when I think of Sunday School. There’s not often times in church when you have lessons based solely on biblical foundation building, but Sunday School, this has always been that time.
Learning about David and Goliath, and maybe even singing Father Abraham, you may have great memories about Sunday School…and to this day, many of those lessons still have not escaped you.

That’s what youth Sunday School at New Hope is all about.

Who do we serve?
Youth grades Pre-K through 12
Where do we meet?
New Hope’s lower level
How do I get involved?
We love you have youth of all ages. Simply come to the appropriate class, and you’ll be welcomed.

How do I learn more?
Click here to contact the church office or call 616-452-4278

Wanna become a Sunday School worker?
New Hope welcomes anyone interested in becoming a Youth and Children’s Ministry worker. Simply see Quentin Henry, any of the Youth and Children’s Ministry workers, or contact the church office by clicking here or calling 616-452-4278.